Talk to me Tuesday!

Welcome to our FIRST Talk to me Tuesday! 
Join us and tell us what you thinking, give us a rant, or just simply list your blog! Thanks!

~Well my night was interesting last night/ Molly fell off the couch (which isnt too far to the ground) but managed to really hurt herself. I took her to the local express pediatrics, and they took an x-ray. She could have hair lined fractured her clavicle, but they think she just bruised it. They put her in a sling, and it makes me want to cry.

~ Who watched Real Housewives of New Jersey Sunday night? Oh my gosh, I can not believe how juicy that show is! I honestly still can not believe that all of these woman are still on the show since they fight like crazy! I thought the girls play date with Teresa and Melissa was TOTALLY awkward. Jacqueline wasn’t really on much, but I like her. I just love Caroline. Shes probably my favorite on the show (and always has been.) This season looks insane. I cant wait to watch!!
~ How about Real Housewives of Orange County? I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, because of Molly’s incident!
~Anyone else thinking “Christmas is in 6 months” or am i the only crazy one?
~Does anyone else wait for the mailman? I feel like I have issues, that I actually look forward to getting mail every day. Please tell me I’m not the only one!

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It’s Monday!

Happy June, and Happy Monday! I guess you could take that as you’d like, I know some people don’t enjoy Mondays!! How was every body’s weekend? We didn’t do much, because gosh it was hot here. I mean 90’s and humid and GROSS! I know its just going to be like that for the next couple months, but like I said before I was not ready for this yet!!

Saturday, Molly and I just stayed inside and hung out. Did not do too much! Sunday, we ran some errands and Molly and Mike went swimming! Molly LOVES the water. We do not have a large pool here, so I’m going to get her one of those kiddie pool and maybe a sprinkler. I think she’ll enjoy that! We also moved rooms around (again) because I thought Mike should have a little area for an office. Now we are in the search of a desk!

-Don’t forget come link up with us tomorrow for our first Talk to me Tuesday!! It’s going to be awesome! I can’t wait to talk about Housewives of NJ, and Orange County!
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What are you up to this week? Have a wonderful Monday!

Sunday Social

Linking up today with the Birthday Girls! Happy 1 year! 
1) What is your favorite social media outlet? Oh, Absolutely Facebook. I love Instagram too, but Facebook is totally addicting. I sometimes feel like such a stalker!

2)Do you subscribe to any daily news reads? Yes, I get Ramblings of a Suburban MomMommy Splurge (who is hosting a Thirty-One party through me right now!), and a few more bloggers! I also get the usual shopping emails!! 

3) Favorite Magazine to have by the pool? Currently is would be parenting, or parents. I love me some cosmo though, i feel like such a teenager when I read that!! 

4) Favorite Summertime song? Oh gosh, I don’t know! Anything Michael Buble’ or Justin Timberlake is good! 

5) Best summer concert you have been to? I haven’t been to a good concert in years. If we want to go WAY back, I would have to say NSync (yes I totally just said this!) 

Happy June!

Happy June & Holy Heat! Its about 92 degrees in NY, and scorching! I know, I know “Its summer, its suppose to be hot!” but I’m far from ready for this madness!! 
Molly and I are hanging out in the AC this afternoon, not doing much (and yes I should be doing a ton!) Just wanted to give you a few reminders! 
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Have a wonderful day, and stay cool!!! 

Happies & Crappies!

Today, I’m doing a different link up with Scissors and a Whisk and The Vintage Modern Wife, both blogs I just discovered recently and adore!! 

-My Bath & Body works haul. I’m sorry I keep talking about this, but I just LOVE these candles!! 
-Molly: She always makes me happy, but she’s been extra cute this week for some reason. We got her the Sophia the First CD, and she sings the songs. She’s just getting so old!!
-My AH-MAZING giveaway that’s going on NOW! Go ENTER HERE! Really, I love this one!! 
-Getting out of Debt…Slowly but surly! Its happening, and I know it is going to take time, but its happening! 
-Growing my blog! I really have come to LOVE blogging, and the blogging world! Thank you everyone for being so welcoming! 
CRAPPIES: I actually do not have too many crappies this week!

-This heat! I know I shouldn’t complain, yes this is the weather around this time of year, I guess i just wasn’t ready for it. 93 degrees today-the AC is on! 
-This MESS! How come, whenever I clean-5 minutes later its awful again? Maybe its because I have a 2 year old…but It just stinks sometimes!
-Awful TV! Why is there never anything on in the summer? Other then the Housewives. Any suggestions (other then Sophia the First, and Mickey Mouse?)
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! 

Thank You Giveaway!

Another giveaway you say!? 
Why yes! I have a ton of brand new products from subscription boxes, that I have not used (and will not use.) Instead of just getting rid of them or giving them away, I have decided to have another giveaway, to say THANK YOU for following/reading my blog! When I started doing this, I was doing this for family members and friends, and although I only have a small amount of followers, It still makes me so happy to be blogging for other people! 
So here we have it, This is what I will be giving away…
But wait, there more…See that nice Baggu bag? I will be filling that baby up with samples (hair samples, food samples, and even some votive candles!!) 
Tell everyone, because believe me they won’t want to miss this giveaway!! 

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