Tuesday Troubles!

I got this idea from a blog I love to follow


These are things that I am confused, annoyed or just want to complain about!!!

~Why does blogging have to be so addicting yet so confusing!! I am falling in love with it, but am so very confused with all the technical “mumbo jumbo.” I wont stop doing it any time soon, but I think i need to invest in some sort of book!

~ Every time I think it is going to be nice weather (and get my mind-set on playing outside, at the park, etc) it ends up being a crap day! It is pouring out and I’m running out of ideas to do with Molly with the items we actually have in the house. Looks like I will be so super excited to get my Happy Trunk and Babbaco boxes (yes, probably more excited than Molly!!)

~ I am so anxious about receiving my subscription boxes. I just can’t contain it! I’m hoping I get some shipping info soon, and I really hope i enjoy the boxes I have ordered so far. I am hearing some bad things about this Bluum box!

~ Last but not least, I just have to tell everyone how much I can not stand rude people. Do not go to the store(or better yet WORK at a store) that you have to deal with customers all day. There is no reason when I ask a question or bring my daughter with me shopping you have to give me a nasty answer!

Thanks for listening to my Tuesday Troubles! 🙂

Alena xo


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