Happy Sunday!

Hello All! How was every one’s weekend?

First off..If you have Facebook, please go to a new Page I started with two of my friends Daily Dose of Modern Mommies. Once we hit 100 likes we are having a few great giveaways!!!

This weekend went quick, as always but I actually got to go out with my friend Jane on Saturday night! This was probably the highlight of my…month! We went to a local restaurant and the best part of dinner was absolutely the desert! Oh yes! I got a great big hot fudge sundae! We actually got to take a trip to target afterwards and as you all know going to target with no children is like a vacation!

Today, Mike and I decided to continue fixing our kitchen floor! I will post a before and after picture when it is all done!! It was such a beautiful day out too, so Molly got to play outside (and we also got to finally sit down and do the crafts in her Babbaco box! Which she loved)

I hope everyone has a wonderful week to come. Get ready for the Easter bunny!! It’s coming way too quick!!

Alena xo


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