Out of the Box Sampler (Edible box, May)

I heard about Out of the Box sampler on a facebook page I belong to. Everyone was so excited about their May box, but they were all sold out. I went on their page to research a alittle bit more, and I found out they are very similar to the new DottieBox that people talk about. It’s all homemade products from different small business, which I love! They have a few different box options also. There is their monthly box, which is a variety of products (from soap, to animal products, etc) and they have a box which is called the edible box. There were two of these left so i decided to try it out. I was not only happy with the fast shipping, but was ridiculously happy with all of the products inside! 
It came in a large envelope and was jam packed with different food products including coffee, cookies, chocolates, and more!! Everything was incredibly fresh, and there was a business card and a coupon code on each product!!! I am going to post all of the pictures I took, but I don’t want to go into a full review until i try all of the products!! I did try a few of the cookies, which were absolutely amazing, and am excited to try everything else!!! 

I can not wait to try next months product box!! Check out, Out of the Box Sampler! It’s Wonderful!

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