It’s Monday!

Happy June, and Happy Monday! I guess you could take that as you’d like, I know some people don’t enjoy Mondays!! How was every body’s weekend? We didn’t do much, because gosh it was hot here. I mean 90’s and humid and GROSS! I know its just going to be like that for the next couple months, but like I said before I was not ready for this yet!!

Saturday, Molly and I just stayed inside and hung out. Did not do too much! Sunday, we ran some errands and Molly and Mike went swimming! Molly LOVES the water. We do not have a large pool here, so I’m going to get her one of those kiddie pool and maybe a sprinkler. I think she’ll enjoy that! We also moved rooms around (again) because I thought Mike should have a little area for an office. Now we are in the search of a desk!

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What are you up to this week? Have a wonderful Monday!


Sunday Social

Linking up today with the Birthday Girls! Happy 1 year! 
1) What is your favorite social media outlet? Oh, Absolutely Facebook. I love Instagram too, but Facebook is totally addicting. I sometimes feel like such a stalker!

2)Do you subscribe to any daily news reads? Yes, I get Ramblings of a Suburban MomMommy Splurge (who is hosting a Thirty-One party through me right now!), and a few more bloggers! I also get the usual shopping emails!! 

3) Favorite Magazine to have by the pool? Currently is would be parenting, or parents. I love me some cosmo though, i feel like such a teenager when I read that!! 

4) Favorite Summertime song? Oh gosh, I don’t know! Anything Michael Buble’ or Justin Timberlake is good! 

5) Best summer concert you have been to? I haven’t been to a good concert in years. If we want to go WAY back, I would have to say NSync (yes I totally just said this!) 

Happy June!

Happy June & Holy Heat! Its about 92 degrees in NY, and scorching! I know, I know “Its summer, its suppose to be hot!” but I’m far from ready for this madness!! 
Molly and I are hanging out in the AC this afternoon, not doing much (and yes I should be doing a ton!) Just wanted to give you a few reminders! 
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Have a wonderful day, and stay cool!!! 

Thank You Giveaway!

Another giveaway you say!? 
Why yes! I have a ton of brand new products from subscription boxes, that I have not used (and will not use.) Instead of just getting rid of them or giving them away, I have decided to have another giveaway, to say THANK YOU for following/reading my blog! When I started doing this, I was doing this for family members and friends, and although I only have a small amount of followers, It still makes me so happy to be blogging for other people! 
So here we have it, This is what I will be giving away…
But wait, there more…See that nice Baggu bag? I will be filling that baby up with samples (hair samples, food samples, and even some votive candles!!) 
Tell everyone, because believe me they won’t want to miss this giveaway!! 

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A few things I have learned…

This week I have learned a few things…

#1) Do NOT buy a 20.00 piece of furniture on Amazon. It will be a piece of CRAP!
              -I found a nice cubby hole piece of furniture of Amazon. Well…what I thought was nice. Was I wrong. The thing would not go together without breaking, and was such a waste of my time and aggravation! Just for your sake, don’t buy a 20.00 piece of furniture you have to assemble on Amazon!!

#2) DO NOT wear sandals in rain puddles.
            – It has been raining here for the past three days non-stop. Thursday, I wore sandals thinking it wouldn’t start down pouring until I got home. I was wrong again. I stepped in almost a foot of water & mud! Terrible feeling!! Gross!

#3) Just let the girls have a dance party in the mall, they will be happy & you will be happy!!
           -My sister and I took Molly and Lila to the mall on Wednesday. The girls were getting anxious so I took them into the middle of the mall, and just let them dance. Totally worth it, they were happy all day long after that!

#4) I can not stop buying clothes for baby V!
          – I found this adorable embroidered yellow shirt in Gymboree for 2.99! I had to get it! 
#5) There’s a clothing store called RUUM Americans Kids wear. My new favorite store!
               -The quality of their clothes, is similar to H&M, but they are adorable. For things not on sale it’s a bit pricey, but they were having an awesome sale (50 % off the sale price.) I got Molly a cute zipper up, a tank top, a t-shirt, and leggings (not shown) for 13.99! If you go to their WEBSITE, and use code RUUM2SAVE, you can score 40% off your order!! Here’s what I got! 
#6) Lastly, I learned I should have never ever downloaded Candy Crush! 
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!