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I truly love this link up! Such a wonderful way to gain advice and read other people’s stories!! Today, I have a question, that is: When do you take your child out of the situation?

Our situation is being play groups, library programs, etc. Molly is only two and a half, and since last November I took her every Wednesday to Mommy and Me. In the beginning it was only her and two other little boys, but as the year progressed more children started attending. As more children starting attending she starting getting more shy, and clingy. I just thought she would get over it. Mommy and me ended a few weeks ago, and we have been busy so I haven’t had a chance to have play dates (other then with her cousin Lila.)

Yesterday, I took her to the library program, with a friend of mine. She was more shy then usual, and I didn’t think much of it assuming she’d warm up, but when we got downstairs to where the program is held, she freaked out. She grabbed on tight to me and kept saying “Wanna go home Mommy.” I continued to ignore her, and show her things to play with (a climbing toy with a tunnel, and a kitchen set) but she wanted nothing to do with it. I let her whining go on for about 15 minutes, and then gave in a left.

My question is, Will she continue doing this because I left the situation? 

I know she is still young, and she actually still has a whole year of Mommy and Me (she turns three in January and doesn’t make the Pre-school cut off date.) I feel kind of silly asking this question. I was a pre-school teacher for 4 years, and worked at the same daycare as an assistant teacher for another 4 years before that. In a teachers aspect, I probably would have gotten a little annoyed with a parent that did this. As a mother…I felt like Iwas torturing her. I always compare things to when I was a teacher, but NOW as a mom, I totally understand why these parents did some things they did…because being a mom is a totally different ball game!

I just don’t want her to have social issues, and I don’t want her to think I will always take her out of the situation. Am I totally overreacting? 


Thursday Thoughts!

Today I am co-hosting Thursday Thoughts with Toby’s Tails and Simple Southern Ways!
~Yesterday, a friend of mine invited Molly and I to come to the local Library program in her area. I decided to take her because I thought it would be so much fun (and they have an awesome music lady come sing and play the keyboard-its just cute.) Molly is pretty shy, but usually she warms up and is fine after a few minutes. There were quite a few kids there, more on the younger side, and unfortunately Molly did not warm up. She cried the whole time and kept asking me to go home. After about 15 minutes of off and on crying I left. I’m really concerned  (and I know i probably shouldn’t be, and this could just be being a first time mother) but is this normal? All of the other kids seemed absolutely fine. Maybe it was because she knew no one? Am i totally over reacting? 
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~I posted my Bath and Body works haul yesterday, and I have to say I absolutely LOVE the  Caribbean Escape. Its wonderful! If you are interesting in ordering, you can use BEACHES13 for 20% off (valid until July 7th!)
~ SO…Who watched RHOC on Monday night? I have been waiting to talk about this! What did you think? I thought it was a “warming” episode. It actually made you feel like these woman had hearts (where as sometimes I’m not so sure-ha) I actually felt bad for Tamra, she usually is kind of a bitch, but I totally understand (now) why she is like that! I thought her speech was really great! Vicki, totally made the right choice and spent the weekend with her daughter and her grandson (and now that her son in-law is going to be deployed, the ballgame changes with her and brooks-who i do not like.) I still dislike Alexis, but am looking forward to her lunch with Tamra next week! It looks good. I also, am not sure I want to admit this but Heather’s date actually made me cry. I thought it was so sweet of him to get her a  card. Tell me your thoughts!!! I am thinking of maybe doing a Recap post every Tuesday!

~ Don’t forget to check out my new link up with Rebecca over at XOXO Rebecca Mae. It’s called Talk to me Tuesday! We can’t wait!!

Tell me your Thoughts today, and Link up below!


Toby's Tails
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Wednesday Bath and Body Works/Walgreens Haul!

So, I think I would call this a Haul! I just had to share because I was super excited about it! This morning Molly and I went into Walgreen’s. I just had pick up some bread, but had some time to kill before the library program so I decided to check out the makeup. Now…If you know me, you know I have been wearing the same type of makeup since high school. I have no clue how to put it on, and what to do with half the stuff! Lately I have been checking out various YouTube channels on applying makeup and makeup tips, and I really want to learn. I am not super girly girl, but when I go out I do like to look decent (even if I’m in yoga pants!) So, I decided to get some Maybelline color Tattoo and one EOS lip balm!
I have been dying to try these products. I opened the lip balm up right away and all i can say is LOVE! I will absolutely be using this, and purchasing this again. I love the way it feels, and the way it goes on! Its my new favorite. I can not wait to try to color tattoo, but my question is… What kind of brush do you use to apply this? Anyone? 
I took Molly to the library program (which she hated, but I’ll chat about that at a later date) and I came home to a nice big box waiting for me by my door! My Bath and Body works order came!! I was not going to jump on this, but 2/22.00 candles (which im pretty obsessed with) does not come around often. So i jumped on the deal! I also had a 20 % off coupon!! I got all of this for 42.00! 
I know, this is absolutely not in my budget, but I always have a candle burning. These candles actually last a really long time also, so i figured why not!! I got (1) Lilac Blossom, (1) Eucalyptus Mint, (1) Caribbean Escape, and (1) Lavender Vanilla. My absolute favorite bath and body work candle is the pineapple mango, but i decided to try a few different scents!  I also picked up four Antibacterial foaming soaps (2) Italian Lavender, (1) Caribbean escape, and (1) Fresh Picked. Of course, when you check out they offer little things, and I love these pocketbac hand gels. I keep them in my purse, in Molly’s bag and in my car. So I got the Ocean bundle (which came with 5.) 
I am so happy with my haul today!! I also got a 20% off any purchase code, so if your interested use BEACHES13 at checkout until July 7th!! 

So What Wednesday!

Today I’m saying SO WHAT…
…IF I got 10 hours of sleep last night and I’m still tired. I’m blaming it on the weather! Its so dreary outside today! 
…IF I’m having serious Target withdrawal. I wish I was kidding, but I had a dream about shopping there last night. I have issues! 
…IF my “new” iPad is really Molly’s. Keeps her busy when I need to get stuff done! 
…IF I love RHOC. Who watched Monday night? I thought it was really good, but next week looks better!!
…THAT I thought it was so incredibly cute, when yesterday Molly was playing with her doll house and she was naming the people. The baby was Baby V (who isn’t even born yet!) She  must really listen!
…THAT I am so excited about my new link up with Rebecca over at XOXO Rebecca Mae. It starts next Tuesday, and is called Talk to me Tuesday! Check it out HERE, and join us!! 
What are you saying SO WHAT to today?

Weekend Review!

I have to say, this weekend was really great! My husband was off for three days straight! I can not even tell you when the last time he has been off for even two days, but it was nice to have him around for three days!

 It was SUPER rainy here Friday and Saturday! Friday, Molly and I did not even leave the house.
Saturday morning I watched my niece, which of course makes Molly super happy! They had a good time, but I think the most fun they had was dressing Cody up.

Saturday afternoon,we had to go to my brother in laws 30th birthday party. At last minute they changed it, to a firehouse so the kids had a great time playing around the trucks and such. His whole family are members of the firehouse/ambulance corp. so Molly sometimes gets special access, which is so much fun for her! As a kid, how much fun is it to see the inside of a fire truck! So cool!!

Sunday, Mike and I went food shopping in the AM, and then did stuff here all day long. It was nice to have him home, so he could help us clean and do some yard work. I’m not sure I have mentioned this before, but we live right next door to my father (he owns a large house with three apartments-we live in one, my brother in another, and he lives next to us) so he decided to build a shed. So that was going on too!

Memorial day was a lot of fun also! We had a BBQ, which ended up being a lot larger then i expected! In a good way! We had about 20 people over! Kids were playing and the guys were playing some sort of rope game (I have no clue what it is called!) It was such a nice day (and Cody was well behaved-he’s usually the pest of the party because he’s huge and wants to be on top of people!!)

All is all, great weekend! Wish I took more pictures! How was your weekend? Any fun plans for this week? 

May Cara Box Reveal

Cara Box is an awesome monthly swap! Each month you sign up, you receive a blogger (or non blogger, only if you do not have a blog) to send a box to, and a blogger sends you a box. So you are actually meeting two people. This was my first month and overall it was a great experience, and i can not wait to do another month! If you are interested in more information or want to sign up head on over to Wifessionals to find out more information.

This month I was paired with two awesome bloggers. I sent a box to Rebecca over at XOXORebeccaMae, and I received a box from Deana over at Tesori Belle. This months theme was regional, and she is from Boston, so I got a pretty great box!

First of all, she has the cutest stickers! I love them!!!
Here is my first look, which of course was so exciting because I had no clue what I was receiving! 

Here’s one of the gifts packaged! Adorable! 

This is her letter to me. I loved this because it reminded me of the information cards in subscription boxes (which I think she may have been trying to get at, possibly? Did i get this right Deana?) But how adorable! She wrote a little something about everything in the box!!

This is what I got! Everything was extremely thoughtful, and she really payed attention to what I like!

  First, which I thought was awesome was a bag (an Ikea bag-holy crap, I love Ikea) full of samples. She said she enclosed some extra goodies because she knows how much I love subscription boxes. She said I could share them with friends If I’d like! Love this!! So thoughtful.

I’m obsessed with Dunkin Donuts, which I have said probably one million times already (okay, I’m totally over exaggerating.) I actually had no idea, but Dunkin Donuts was founded right outside of Boston in MA. I love this, I love Iced coffee. PERFECT!
I know what your thinking “Oh my gosh, she sent you something Red Sox, and you are from NY!?” Honestly, I don’t really watch baseball, so this hand sanitizer is amazing! I will carry this in my purse and I will be shunned from other New Yorkers. 

Yankee Candle is also produced in MA. I actually did not know this! I love candles, any kind of candles, so this is my favorite! Summer scents, what’s not to love?

Last in the box was a magnet, which of course I will put on my fridge! Love this. It a historical landmark, but now is used as a subway station. I love history!! Attached is is Boston Harbor Tea, I love this!! 
Thank you SO much Deana. I loved everything, and appreciate the thought and effort you put into this box. 
**There were also Necco wafers, not listed or pictured (we totally ate those before I even got the picture!)